***A rebranding in the US from Venmar to Broan has esentially changed nothing other than the name on the equipment and parts. We serivice all Venmar and Vanee Equipment and Parts as we have since the 1980's but now it's branded as Broan equipment and parts.***

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The media has been swarming us with information to make our home environments safe from harm. However, what is often let out is that indoor air we breathe can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. (more)

Here at Thermal Associates we want to help you increase your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and your standard of living. The products we provide can help you with this project, whether you are remodeling your house, or you are about to build one. Our products will help you improve the quality of air in your house.

Venmar Ventilation can help increase your Indoor Air Quality with the Advanced Ventilation System (AVS). The AVS Solo and Duo Series are great for keeping heat in your house and removing toxins from your house, while maintaining ventilated fresh air. Venmar supplies the very best in Heat Recovery Ventilators, Energy Recovery Ventilators and HEPA products. The Constructo Series provides the best small area ventilation, while the HEPA Filtration Systems, can help remove 99.9% of the pollutants in your house.

Lessco Air-Vapor Barrier Boxes is a great new technology for those looking to properly seal their entire house. This product covers electrical boxes, switches and light boxes; when properly installed it can decrease your Heat Load and decrease the amount of water entering your walls, a great product to help seal your house.


Venmar Ventilation Announces a Safety Upgrade Program for Certain Models of Heat Recovery Ventilators

Venmar is frequently adding new equpment and improvements to the current line. For any help with which unit is right for you, please call us!